Alium Media Kit
Alium Network
We are bringing DeFi solutions to the market. Multi-chain DEX, hybrid liquidity, and unique staking alternatives and NFTs. Trade and Earn. Unlimited!
Aleksandr Kents
Vladimir Nikitin
Serial entrepreneur. Has an engineering background with a touch of blockchain and IT experience. Cofounder of the "Qoffer" app, "" "Melior Clinics" and a few other companies
Experienced crypto startup builder, networker, connector, financial manager, and simply a good guy
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If you’re interested in writing about Alium, adding our logo to your website, or including us in a slide deck, you’ve come to the right place.
Logo (PNG,SVG)
Logo usage guidelines
When using the Alium logo, keep these things in mind:
Always leave generous space around the logo so it’s never cramped
Maintain the original aspect ratio and do not distort the logo
Use the recommended colors and do not recolor the logo
Use the correct format for the medium (e.g. PDF for print, SVG for web)
Use the correct size so it’s not ‘pixelated’ or ‘blurry’
Color Palette
Accent - Green
RGB 36 186 123
Main - Violet
RGB 88 73 189
Logo usage examples
The logo works best in a colored form on a solid white background or dark (#0B1359) background. This is the optimal usage of the logo in print, or on most websites.
Logo usage crimes
Please don’t stretch or distort the logo, use it with an unapproved color, add drop shadows, use it on top of an unapproved background color, complicated background image, or in a container where there’s not enough room for the logo.